House Rules

These general rules and policies apply to all of 470rent’s properties unless otherwise specified.  There are a lot of rules, which are established to make it clear and avoid confusion or misunderstanding – please read them.


Maximum Occupancy:  We allow two persons (of any age) per bedroom plus one.  Thus, no more than three (3) persons in a one bedroom home, no more than five (5) in a two bedroom home, and no more than seven (7) persons in a 3 bedroom unit.

Additional Occupants: No persons may occupy the home other than those designated in the rental agreement.  Any person who stays 14 days or longer per year will be considered an additional occupant and a breach of the rental agreement – they must either apply and be added to the rental agreement or move out, or everyone will need to move out or be evicted.

Pets: We allow site appropriate pets in most units but require a non-refundable pet rent  (varies per home) and an increase in the security deposit (typically $300).  Pet rent is typically $30 per pet per month.

Service animals: Pet deposits will be waived for properly trained service animals.  It is a crime to falsely claim that a pet is a service animal and will be considered a breach of your rental agreement.

We do not permit “dangerous breed” animals which are prohibited by our property insurance (eg: doberman, pit bull, chow).

Smoking: Smoking is not permitted on our properties (unless otherwise specified).  No smoking/vaping of any substance, regardless of legality, is permitted indoors, in common areas, or anywhere on the property.

Waterbeds:  Waterbeds are only permitted with an additional deposit of 50% of the standard deposit.

Renters Insurance:  We require that all renters at our properties maintain renter’s insurance for both their protection and ours.  We require that we are listed as additional insured.

Charges and fees: Tenants will be responsible for a late charge of 6% of the current rental charge if rent is not paid in full when due.  Rent is always due on the 1st day of the month.  There is a $25 charge for the first dishonored check, and $35 for any subsequent one.

Noise and disruptive activities: All tenants must follow city ordinances on noise and disruption.  Be a good neighbor.

Criminal activity: No criminal activity, including drug related crime, is permitted on or near the property.  This applies to all tenants, members of the tenant’s household, guests, or any other person associated with the tenant.

Violence: Violence on the part of any tenant or guest is not permitted on the property.