Rental Application And Policies

All prospective tenants must follow the same application process.  There are no exceptions.  Do not waste your time and application fee if you do not meet our requirements, we are thorough in our screening process.

Rental Requirements


We require a copy of a government-issued photo ID.  US Military IDs are not legally copyable.  You may use a driver’s license, state ID, or passport.


  • Applicants must have combined verifiable monthly gross (before tax) income of 2.75x the monthly rent, unless otherwise specified for a specific home
  • Debt to income ratio will be considered
  • Positive, verifiable employment history of 6 months or more.
  • Applicants who rely on governmental assistance programs, private assistance, court ordered child support, court ordered alimony; pensions, financial support programs, etc. provided as sources of eligible income, are required to be independently verifiable and has to have been established for not less than six (6) months.
  • We do not take third party checks, but we do accept Section 8 and VASH where compliant with SB 328 and SB 222.
  • No cosigners.
  • Full time college/university students (must show proof of enrollment) may be considered with 6 months advance payment of rent from 529/ESA/student loan/grant/parental contribution source.

Proof of Income Notes:

Any paycheck stubs and bank statements must be downloaded directly from their respective websites as a PDF.  We cannot accept them in any other format like a photo or screenshot.  They will be analyzed by fraud detection software.

  • If employed, recent paycheck stubs representing 4 weeks of work are requested.  2 paycheck stubs if paid every 2 weeks or twice a month, 4 stubs if paid weekly.  Some employers will require an additional authorization form to be signed (click here).
  • If unemployment income is to be considered, we will need a Form DE 429Z (Notice of Unemployment Insurance Award) from the California EDD (example), a printout of the recent Payment Activity (example), and two weeks of recent Transaction Details (example).  See the UI Online User Guide for help finding these.
  • Court ordered Child Support recipients must provide the most recent DCSS 281 (Monthly Statement of Collections and Distribution).
  • SSI income will require a copy of the Benefits Verification Letter from the Social Security Administration.
  • CalWORKs recipients must provide the most recent DCSS 281 (Monthly Statement of Collections and Distribution) form.
  • Self employed applicants must provide:
    • a: signed IRS income tax returns (1040, Schedule 1, Schedule C or 1120-S) for the last two years and signed IRS 4605-T forms  for those tax returns
    • b: a valid business license
    • c: bank statements for the last 6 months.
  • School loans require an award letter for the current school year and term.
  • IHSS income must be documented with a copy of the check stub or Direct Deposit Advice.  Please provide the name, office, and phone number for the case manager.
  • Those with income from royalties or rentals must provide:
    • Signed IRS income tax returns (1040, Schedule 1, Schedule E) for the last two years and signed IRS 4605-T forms  for those tax returns
  • Section 8 Voucher holders must submit the HUD-52646  voucher and the county Subsidy Estimation form.  If you are on an extension, you need to submit that as well.

Rental History:

We check current and prior rental history.

  • Favorable recommendations from previous landlords, who are not relatives/relations, from the last two years are expected.  If the applicant was a sub-lessor, we require the recommendation from the actual landlord.
  • An established positive rental history of 1 year or more (exceptions for prior homeowners will be considered).
  • Those with unfavorable landlord recommendations will not be accepted.
  • NO EVICTIONS or unlawful detainer actions will be considered.  We do check.
  • A copy of your rental lease agreement will be required.

Credit Check:

A credit score is considered in every application.  The following will be considered:

  • Bankruptcies will be considered if over 7 years ago
  • Unsatisfied judgments will be considered, depending on amount and time elapsed
  • Credit charge-offs will be considered, depending on amount and time elapsed
  • Late payments will be considered
  • Collections will be considered, depending on amount and time elapsed
  • NO Unlawful detainers (evictions) will be accepted.  If an applicant has been evicted, they will not be considered
  • A ResidentScore credit score above 538 (Low Accept) is expected.  ResidentScores between 524-537 (Conditional) may be considered with an additional deposit.  This score is obtained only through the RentSpree portal or TransUnion SmartMove and is the score that is used for the application process.
  • A Vantage credit score above 670 (good credit) is expected.  Credit scores between 580 and 670 (fair credit) will be considered with an additional deposit (1.5x the regular deposit). 
  • No cosigners.

Criminal Check:

We run a criminal background check on every applicant over the age of 17.

Applicants with prior felony or misdemeanor convictions for any of the following will not be considered.

  • Sex offenses
  • Drug-related charges
  • Dishonesty
  • Violence
  • Child or elder abuse

Online Application Process:

1.  Once you have reviewed the information in our ad, website, or sign, contact us for more information.  Discuss the home, our requirements, and your qualifications.  Attend an open house.  

2.  Fill out an online application based on the link in the web page for the home you wish to apply for.  An application is required for each and every adult (age 18 or above) who will be living in the home.

Information will be verified by electronic communication, phone, in writing, or in person. By submitting a rental application, the applicant gives permission to us to request this verification from employers, landlords, courts, credit agencies, and any other individuals or organizations solely for the purpose of verifying the application.

3.  Prepare the following documents to be submitted online:

  • Copy of Photo ID for each adult applicant
  • Proof of income for each adult applicant (1 month worth of pay stubs, pension / social security / retirement statements etc., see Proof of Income section above)
  • Proof of address (can be printed on ID, or else a utility statement in your name at your address)
  • Pet / animal application if you have animals of any kind (download Animal Application v4)

You will not submit these with the initial application, but they may be required if you pass the credit / criminal / eviction check.

At this point we will do the following:

  • Review application for completeness and accuracy
  • Review credit and eviction check results
  • Review criminal history check results
  • Contact employers to verify employment
  • Contact previous landlords
  • Review income documentation to ensure income requirements
  • Verify information provided on application and supporting documentation
  • Additional documentation may be required during the verification process
  • Contact the applicant to discuss any questions

If the applicant(s) meet all requirements, we will offer the home for rent.

Multiple Qualified Applicants:

In situations where we have multiple qualified applicants who apply at the same time, we will provide priority based on:

  • ResidentScore
  • Landlord references
  • A tenant who is ready to move in within 15 days

A holding deposit is required to reserve the home for you and take it off the market.  The holding deposit is forfeit if the applicant fails to perform and does not proceed with the move in.  The holding deposit becomes the security deposit upon move in, and held in escrow for the duration of your tenancy.  Per state regulations, security deposits are refunded to a tenant within 21 days of the termination of the rental agreement, minus allowed deductions (for cleaning, unpaid rents, excessive wear or damage, etc).  


Our rental agreements are automatically renewable month to month with a 30 day termination period. Due to rent control restrictions in California, we are unable to offer long term leases.

General Animal Policy:

Different homes may be suited to different types of animals. Some are pet friendly, some are not. Requirements for animals for any home include:

  1. Mature non-aggressive housebroken neutered adult animals only, no puppies or kittens
  2. Must provide proof of current vaccination and city license and photo of animal
  3. Renters insurance must cover animal liability for your breed
  4. Tenant is responsible for all damage caused by the animal
  5. Animal must be well behaved and not disturb neighbors

Pet / animal application : download Animal Application v4

Please see the individual property listing for pet details for the individual home.

We comply with all Federal and State laws regarding Service animals.

We comply with all Federal and State laws regarding Emotional Support Animals, including California AB 468.

It is a misdemeanor crime in California to fraudulently represent a dog as a guide, signal, or service dog punishable by imprisonment of up to 6 months and a fine not to exceed $1000.